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Build an AWS Verified Cloud Program

AWS Educate’s Cloud Program Verification helps institutions prepare students for in-demand careers in cloud computing by aligning academic programs to entry-level job requirements.

AWS Educate works with academic institutions—including high schools, community colleges, vocational schools, technical academies, and universities—to embed cloud-specific learning objectives and hands-on work into their programs to reflect the demands of employers who are seeking cloud-skilled professionals.

AWS Educate works with institutions to:

  • Support leaders with the cross-functional work necessary to transform traditional academic programs into pathways that lead to careers in cloud computing.

  • Align curriculum with the cloud computing skills and competencies that employers seek in working professionals.

  • Train faculty through professional development sessions in cloud concepts.

  • Provide students with resources and training to understand and set goals towards a career path in cloud computing.

  • Engage employers with academic institutions to build a pipeline into in-demand cloud career opportunities.

If you are an institution administrator interested in learning more about AWS Cloud Program Verification, please complete the form on this page. If you are a student, register for AWS Educate to receive access to no-cost content, AWS tools and services, and the AWS Educate Job Board.